4 reasons to start or keep training


1. You will live a happier, more dynamic and fulfilled life... Exercising releases endorphins (tested and proven), and endorphins are our bodies anti-depressants. A strong healthy person will always be more dynamic than a weak unhealthy person (duh, common sense).  A fit healthy person has a lot more energy for accomplish their goals (thus becoming more fulfilled).

2. You will feel better about yourself, and that is a great relationship to invest in...Being fit and healthy makes you feel better about yourself physically and spiritually (if you have half a brain, you really can't argue that), and feeling great about yourself, will help nurture all of your other relationships.  It's easier to love others when you love yourself.

3.  Your productivity will increase...It is a lot easier to accomplish you business and personal goals when you are not sick, and you can get even more done when you are fit.  You have more energy, you're stronger, you think clearer when you are healthy and fit.

4.  So no one will take your lunch money...Probably the most important reason I started to train, and I still continue to train daily after over 40 years is so no one will take my lunch money.  This reason is a blog in itself, but I will summarize.  When I started training, keeping my lunch money was very important and had a very literal meaning.  That Quarter (25 cents) bought me a filling lunch of spaghetti, chili with rice, fish sticks, jello, milk. This was worth fighting for in 8th grade, but people try and "take your lunch money" through out your life, by bullying you physically, emotionally, intellectually, even spiritually.  There are always bully's who try and "take your lunch money", to me, my hard training has always given me the confidence to keep my lunch money and even help others to keep theirs.



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