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Hack's Law + Hick's Law = More Effective Self Defense


Hick's Law:  Simply stated says the fewer options you have the quicker your response time will be. In other words, if somebody throws a punch at you (Stimulus), And in your arsenal, you have eight blocks that you could use to defend that punch (options), The longer it would take you to respond (response or reaction time).  And I think it goes without saying that the longer your response time to an attack, The less effective you will be, And in a life or death self-defense situation you want the odds stacked in your favor. The bottom line is when it comes to martial arts isThe simpler the better, the fewer techniques the better.  It is much more effective to have100 techniques that you practice 10,000 times each, then it is to have 10,000 techniques that you practiced 100 times each.

Hack's Law:  This Is a very simple law of self-defense.If you feel you are about to be physically attacked. You should always strike first.

Stay safe all of you Pit Monsters...



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