The 7 Best Choices I Have Ever Made

1. Joining a martial arts gym at 10 years old.

Having the feeling that I needed to protect myself, and that the young age of 10 years old following my instincts to independently research, find, and go sign up for a martial arts school on my own was probably the first great decision I ever made in my life.

Without martial arts, I definitely would never become the man I am today. I think because of martial arts I became much stronger, and disciplined.

I can't even begin to imagine how my life would've been without martial arts, but I definitely don't think it would've been very good. When I look back it's hard to believe at 10 years old I had enough common sense, independence and discipline to look through the yellow pages and go through the process of signing myself up for martial arts. I thank God every day that I did that.

2. Accepting the challenge to fight Darrell Silva, and fighting him.

This choice definitely could've taken a turn for the worse, however, I think winning or losing this fight would've been better than punking out, and not taking it at all. Darrell was one of the biggest kids in my grade, and definitely the toughest. Because of my first good choice, martial arts, I was becoming much tougher both inside and out. Because of that, I readily accepted his challenge, and we did fight. Because I did accept his challenge, and I did win that fight, my life changed for the better. I was never bullied again, and I was treated with the utmost respect after that.

I definitely think accepting that fight was one of the best choices I ever made in my life.

3. Saying no to drugs, crime, and alcohol like most of my friends were doing.

Drugs and alcohol were all around me, from my friends to my relatives, to the inside of my own house, but thank God for some reason I never chose that path. A lot of things are connected, and I think my previous good choice of martial arts put me on a path of wanting to be strong and healthy, and that was always the first reason that I was never attracted to getting high. I always wanted to be a strong martial artist, and I wanted to be prepared for anything, and I knew that drugs and alcohol made people weak, and for some reason, even at a very early age I was well aware that drugs and alcohol would make me a weak person.

4. Joining the Army.

Basic training in the Army has stayed with me till this very day. The discipline, and camaraderie that I felt while I was in basic training has helped me grow as a man. I also think that the discipline of the military, especially basic training, is very similar to my martial arts training and discipline. I think all young men should either go through basic training or spend a couple of years training martial arts. I think the experience of basic training will help all young men develop into better versions of them self.

5. Getting my degree in the medical field.

Besides being a great job, helping me grow into a more mature man, and help me purchase my first home, I think the main thing that benefited me about getting my degree was just a sense of security. With that degree, I knew whatever I did in life I would always have the security of the job to put a roof over my head and food in my family's mouth.

6. Being dedicated and disciplined with my training.

At 60 years old, yet I feel as healthy, strong and fit is anyone half my age. I think there is a genetic factor, but I think the real reason I am in the kind of shape I am at this stage is because I was always disciplined enough to keep my diet clean, and train on a very regular basis. Even when I was really busy working, going to college, raising kids, I always found the time to train, and I think it is paying dividends right now.

7. Marrying Heather.

I made many bad mistakes with women. I excepted being treated badly, I treated many badly and I was unfaithful to most. Heather changed my life because I finally found someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I never knew what a completely satisfying, totally monogamous relationship was, until Heather. Since it is the best feeling in the world, she is definitely one of the best choices in my life.




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