Train At The Pit From Anywhere... The Pit Online Dojo

  • Do you feel the techniques and drills you are learning might not keep you safe if you ever needed to defend your life or protect your family? 
  • Want to learn to same techniques you're seeing on the UFC 
  • Want to take your martial arts training, fighting skills, physical conditioning to the next level, or two?
  • Feel like you're not making progress in your training?
  • Is your power, strength, and cardio not where it should be?
  • Do you want to train like a UFC fighter, getting into fighting shape, without taking a single punch?

For less the price of two month's dues, you get the ENTIRE Pit Hawaiian Kempo Curriculum (over 300 videos!) and our weekly curriculum for life...This is our latest project.  I have so many people who love our Hawaiian Kempo system and how effective it is as a martial art.  But they happen to live too far to train with us in person.  So, I started an online membership site, where you will see our weekly techniques being taught by me. 

You don’t have to train at a gym to learn or perfect these techniques, in fact you can get great at these techniques and get into great shape from the DIS-comfort of your own home

You will also learn the SAME effective drills that our UFC champions use successfully. This site will include ALL of our techniques, drills and even our world-famous workouts!

This is a one-time lifetime membership special that will go away very soon!  

You get...

  • The entire Pit Hawaiian Kempo Curriculum, over 300 VIDEOS!
  • The weekly lessons that we teach at The Pit
  • A chance to get promoted in the Hawaiian Kempo Belt Program!
  • Entrance to our closed Facebook group where you can interact with other Pit Monsters
  • Lifetime membership, forever, for the cost of a dinner!

This will end very soon take advantage of this now!