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Develop a Great Left Hook


Learn how to develop a KO Left Hook NOW!  The Left Hook is without a doubt the most effective strike in all...

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Learn How To Defend Any Takedown!

$99.00 USD

I will teach you how to defend any takedown!   So many great strikers are hand-cuffed, useless, impotent a...

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Train At The Pit From Anywhere... The Pit Online Dojo


Do you feel the techniques and drills you are learning might not keep you safe if you ever needed to defend your li...

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The Pit Old-School Instructional

$99.00 USD

This video is shot in the cage, at The Pit compound with Chuck Liddell and Glover Teixeira showing you and teaching y...

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The Pit Cuatro Clasic Complete Set

$297.00 USD

Want to take your martial arts training, fighting skills, physical conditioning to the next level, or two? Fe...

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